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I : Getting Soft and Beautiful Hair (Quickly!)

Look: making sure you look your best every day is exhausting.  I cringe to think of the hours and hours that I’ve wasted leaning over my bathroom sink with a searingly hot flat iron clasped in my hand.  

I blame my beauty regimen. All the dates I’ve been late to, early morning meetings I’ve missed (oops), brunches I’ve walked into fashionably late, just to be stared down and shamed by 5 of my hangriest friends – yeah, it seems like a big waste of time and SO TIRING to constantly bring your A-game!  Often, I wish I could figuratively (and literally) throw in the towel.  But I’ve got to admit: as ridiculous as my beauty regimen sometimes may seem, looking good helps me feel good about yourself, which has a trickle-down effect, making me more confident, happier, and therefore, healthier!

To decrease the amount of stress piled on stress you’ve got going on, beauty regimens should be simple and effective, integrating into your daily routine with a minimum of fuss.  The least you can do is try to save some time: cut your hair-prep time in half with Nuele.

The main thing to know about developing a beauty regime is that the product you use is KEY – and means the difference between soft and shiny hair and heavy and greasy hair.  Maybe you’ve tried a million things before and are looking to shake it up, or maybe you’re just now feeling the urge to start from scratch!  You want soft and beautiful hair without the fuss?  Read on!  This is a great place to start.


Start with slightly damp hair.  Damp hair has increased porosity, which makes your hair more receptive to soaking up Neule’s five all-natural ingredients.

Add this to your beauty regimen. Put a small amount of Neule in the palm of your hand as you separate out a section of hair.  Work the product throughout the section, making sure to really concentrate on the ends (where hair is most susceptible to damage).  But don’t forget to hit the roots.  Roots need love too.

GENTLY brush the section you’re working on with a wide-toothed comb or, even better, just your fingers – just to get any tangles out.  Don’t yank!  You’ll risk breaking your hair off.  Make sure you can see that every strand is thoroughly moisturized and Nuele is doing its thing, soaking in.  

Don’t neglect to give your beauty regimen time. Work your way around your head section by section applying Nuele until every strand is covered and you’re ready to go.  Then straighten or style as desired.  Enjoy your soft and beautiful hair!

Using a product you know and trust in a time-saving beauty regimen routine with predictable results or scrambling to get your locks looking luscious before hitting the town with your friends – what’s it going to be?!  Try Nuele today!

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