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I have the kind of hair that is pretty easy to care for. It’s long, sturdy and has a little bounce to it. But that didn’t stop it from looking a bit frayed at the edges. My hair was dry, like toast in a tanning bed dry, and I had no idea what to do about it. I conditioned regularly yet it felt as though my hair wouldn’t absorb any moisture. I began to think that my good hair had peaked in my teens and twenties.

“Girl, what is wrong with your head?” My friend Julia asked me one day. I was out to dinner with a few of my best girlfriends. Everyone turned to look at Julia. I know they were thinking, “please don’t start anything right now,” but she barreled on before I had a chance to reply.

“Your ends are split, your curls look like they are about to fall off.” Julia is a bit of an exaggerator when it comes to these things but I knew what she meant. Before heading out that day I’d struggled in the mirror for a while, trying to tame my tresses while also keeping them moisturized. Most of us have thick skin and quick tongues when it comes to Julia but this time I had nothing to stay. I shrugged and sheepishly smoothed a few straight ends to my scalp.

Everyone watched baited as she rummaged through her oversized purse. Julia withdrew a blue and orange bottle from her bag and plopped it on the table for all to see.

“What’s that?” another friend asked.

“It’s Nuele and if you don’t have it now you need to stock up. This stuff is pure gold.” Julia could not have been more right. Her hair looked strong and healthy, it shimmered with the glow of a hair commercial. I got her to give me that bottle and when I went home I began to apply a few drops to my hair every day. I soon discovered that it was great for dry hair and also for my split ends and dandruff. Soon after I discovered that I didn’t even need many of the other products I was applying to it.

The truth is, dry ends and brittle hair happen to all of us. There are few products that deliver the kind of results Nuele promises, and none of them actually work to clean the gunk left by other products in your hair the way that Nuele does. Take one out of Julia’s book and buy your first bottle today. You will NOT be let down. I promise!

-Karen Kelly, Satisfied Customer


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