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Leading brands will tell you that naturally straight and naturally curly hair have nothing in common. Don’t believe them. All hair is created equal and all hair types need moisture. That’s what Nuele Hair Serum brings to the table. This small 2oz bottle packs a hefty punch and is filled with organic ingredients that revitalize the natural glow and health to your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is wild and untamable or limp and without luster. Simply follow your normal beauty regime every day, just remember to add a few pumps of Nuele while your hair is still wet. Hold the bottle in one hand and pump a few drops into your palm. Be conservative. A little goes a long way and only you will know how much is too much. Spread the silky gold serum over your palms and evenly distribute it throughout your strands. Once your hair is dry you will immediately feel and see the difference.

And that’s it! Believe it or not, this ground breaking recipe of straight form the earth natural ingredients can be used on all types of hair. The only difference is how much you use. If your locks are thick, kinky or require a hefty amount of hydration, then you may want to use anywhere from 5-9 pumps. If your hair is feathery and becomes oily faster than most, you will want to use 1-3 pumps. The golden serum of Nuele will not make your hair oily. In fact, it will get to work cleaning up much of the gunk and buildup left by your other hair products, including your shampoo and conditioner.

Now you can buy Nuele Hair Serum in one easy to use and portable size. Our 2oz bottles are only $33.50 and will last a long time (we’re almost giving it away at this price)! Don’t take our word for it. Order now and get free shipping too.

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