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All about Natural Hair: How to Make the Most of It

So you want to know all about getting the most out of your god-given tresses.  Good!  Work with what you’ve got – it’s what makes you ‘You.’ Natural Hair comes in as many different varieties as there are heads.  You’ve just got to make sure however it is that you are taking care of yourself is playing to your strengths.

You’ve got to embrace your natural hair style and make sure that the best comes through by doing everything you can to care of your hair – make it healthy and happy.  And healthy natural hair is happy hair.  So this is all about natural hair – trying to embrace what you’ve got.

You’ll always look best when you’re not fighting against nature, but rather using natural ingredients to play up what you’ve already got going on.  So your hair is Bushy? Flowy? Wavy? Wiry?  Great!  Embrace it!  Accept it!  Then take a couple of steps to make sure you’ve got it under control.

The enemy of almost every kind of hair is dryness.  Dryness leads to a whole host of problems: flyaways, split ends,…general dullness.  Washing your hair strips it of its nature-given moisture, so just remember when you do wash to replenish that moisture and keep your hair safe.

There’s no use fighting nature.  She’ll beat you every time.  So you’ve got to accentuate the positive!  Your natural hair is beautiful.  You hate your curls but do you know how many girls with straight hair (this girl, included) would KILL to get those springy, luscious locks?  

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