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Your New Daily Hair Routine  

Apply, style, and go

With all we do for skin, you’d think we would pay a little more attention to hair health.  We don’t show our hair much respect – we pull it, shape it, strip it, and cover it in gobs of product to make it behave like we want.  It may be silky, straight hair, but it’s not healthy.  It’s an illusion we create by manipulating our hair with time and money.  We rarely nourish our hair, or engage in real caretaking for it.  Sure, we get haircuts to eliminate our dead ends, or maybe do the occasional deep moisturizing mask.  But in terms of everyday hair care routines, it’s more about control than health.

Our daily hair routine is suffering. We use a variety of hair care products to hit the right balance to get the intended look.  Leave-in conditioners or oils to get shiny hair, then layer on some gel or pomade to give hair texture, set it and eliminate flyaways by dousing in hairspray.  With so many products in, it becomes essential to shower and strip the gunk off frequently, a process that, while it takes off the chemicals you’re been using to control your hair, also strips your hair of the natural oils that you produce to protect your hair from those products you put on it daily!  The next day, if you want silky, straight hair, that process just begins all over again.

Simplify your daily hair routine.  And in the process: save your hair

Something that will save you time, money, and ultimately a great deal of stress, is to use products that serve the dual function of making your hair behave like you want (say, maybe, that flowy, silky, straight hair look, or maybe slightly messy tresses) with a single product that will simultaneously nourish and feed your hair.  This protects your hair and ultimately will give you a thicker, fuller mane.

Simply your daily hair routine. There’s just no need to load it down with several different products when you can meet all your needs to get shiny hair in a single bottle.

Give Nuele a try. Your daily hair routine will thank you. Five all-natural, organic oils are combined to help you style: get shiny hair, get wavy hair, nourish your wild curls, smooth down the misbehaving strands you struggle with.

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