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Will It Work On My Hair?

Yes! Nuele will de-frizz and straighten out any hair type from wavy to coiled hair with zig-zags.

Type 2B – Loose Wavy Hair

Type 2C – Wavy Hair With Curls

Type 3A – Curly Hair With Loops

Beautiful brunette woman with beauty long curly hair Type-2C Type-3A

Type 3B – Curly Hair With Spirals

Type 3C – Curly Hair With Coils

Type 4A – Coiled Hair With Springs

Type-3B Type-3C Type-4A

Type 4B – Tightly Coiled Hair

Type 4C – Tightly Coiled Hair With Zig-Zags

For Beards Too

Type-4B Type-4C Untitled-4